Part 1: Unpacking My Progressive Backpack, Carolyn Miller

In a TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson asked me to change my educational paradigm. I had to look up paradigm to make sure I understood what he was asking of me. Paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something; a model. Yes, he was asking me to change the model of education. The only system I know, the very system that I was educated under, he asked me to change and here’s why. The old educational paradigm is designed in light of the Industrial Revolution. The old system says teachers are to simply put in, and students will put out an outstanding performance on a standardized test, but of course. However,  the model must go in the opposite direction. Proof of this is the ADHD epidemic. Robinson argues (and I agree) that ADHD is not an epidemic rather it is brought on by the current time we are in. Students are stimulated by the increase of technology while teachers continue in the old boring fashion. The ADHD epidemic is proof for the needed change in the educational paradigm. ken robinson

Frankly, I couldn’t agree more with Robinson, he had me at “paradigm”. I’ve seen the ADHD epidemic in the school I work at. Everyday at around 2:00PM, the school nurse visits all the classrooms to dish out the ADHD medicine, calming all students down. When I was in school, I can remember sitting in classrooms watching teachers write on the board and then dismiss us to work on our homework, silently by ourselves. I am with Sir Ken Robinson and I desire to see education drift away from solely board learning and towards a more divergent, creative teaching environment. I will do this by incorporating group work in math and natural learning in science by going outside and interacting with the environment (check out this link!! I will talk about testing less and foster group discussion. To sum it up, the TED talk Robinson gave compelled me to unpack progressivism and incorporate it into my future classroom.


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