Part 2: Adobe Voice, PicWall, ThingLink, Creately Online, Blogging, OH MY! By Karen Bender

Being in Kansas, I can appreciate all the new adventures at every turn!   At points, I too was looking for the Oz!  Just like the famous book/movie, another wonderful concept that I learned in this course is that WE ARE each other’s Emerald City! While navigating the new technology, the professors and classmates were there for one another and mirrored what I will take forward into my future school and classroom.  The zoom meetings, the chat room, phone calls, and canvas talks were instrumental in figuring out the new technology and this course.   At times, my own children and other students’ children were part of the teams too! How exciting! What was at times consuming and frustrating became fun, creative, and accomplished! This fits right into my philosophy of a progressive classroom! We will all work as a team promoting and providing a trusted, creative, and respected learning community!

I will definitely be using Adobe Voice in my future classroom! My own children and I had so much fun. They giggled, as they heard Mommy’s funny voices! I know when to be serious, but what I think I have learned that is even more important is to be fun! I also learned and will instill in my future students to be open to new technology. I kept finding myself wishing we were using PowerPoint.   Or that I was being a bit negative thinking I could have done this in PowerPoint so much quicker. After all, the Army taught me to be a “PowerPoint Ranger’! But I know that was about my resistance to being pushed outside my comfort zone. Man, the Oz really pushed me outside it with this technology! Thanks, Professors!  Seriously though, I recognize that importance. I now have several more technology applications to use in my future progressive classroom. My students will have several ways to navigate their yellow brick roads!yellow brick road


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