Behaviorism – Hallie Kristalyn

The entire philosophy of Behaviorism does not appeal to me. Which I think is fine. To me, it would be rather disturbing for an educator to strictly abide by just one philosophy. For me, as noted in my first blog post, Social Reconstructionism is the main philosophy that I’d like to shape my classroom around. However, my experience substitute teaching has likened me to one specific element of Behaviorism…the discipline plan! I plan to implement a discipline plan into my classroom curriculum.

All of my classrooms in elementary school used “card turning” as their discipline plan method. It looked just like this:
behavior management chart

I plan on doing something that is more similar to the image provided for us in our ibook on the chapter about Behaviorism. Something that is more “fun” and maybe uses pop culture metaphors like this chart:
Whether it’s pop culture or matching the “theme” of my room decor, I hope to have a behavior chart that is clear, concise, relateable and non-threatening. I do not want my students to fear me. I don’t want to earn their respect through fear. I want them to trust me, and be comfortable with me. However, I am adopting this particular method from Behaviorism because I do think that my students deserve to know what I expect from them. There should be behavior boundaries within classrooms, without boundaries and clear rules and limits, I imagine a class of chaos.


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