Deculturalization: By Nicole Buckner

Deculturalization was one of the concepts we discussed in this class that absolutely struck a nerve with me. To summarize, deculturalization – or cultural genocide – is the stripping of a culture’s beliefs, language, traditions, arts, and overall identity. It is done by a dominant culture to suppress and conform the dominated culture. In our history, African Americans, Native Americans and Latin Americans have all been subjected to cruel and demoralizing deculturalization.

I included my philosophy on deculturalization in my Enhanced Philosophy of Education, and I’d like to share it here, as well. I wrote:


I will seek to eliminate any deculturalization within my power and classroom, and set the expectation and standard that all children, regardless of race, gender and ethnicity, have equal opportunities in life and learning under my guidance. That students will respect and celebrate one another’s differences.

It is important to me that my students understand we live in a culturally diverse world and country. I want my class to explore a multitude of languages, arts, food and customs from around the world, and I will encourage my students to share meaningful aspects from their own cultures and backgrounds.



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