Progressivism: Learning by Doing! By: Ashley Conde

Watching Coffee Talks featuring our very own James Alberto, the topic of progressivism was discussed.

It was important for me to take away some of his key points because he is a resource that I need to utilize and listen to in order to gain knowledge for my future classroom. Professor Alberto mention that progressivism practically eliminates rote memorization. It applies a new way of learning and doesn’t cause disconnection from the students

Progressivism doesn’t just apply to the subject of science, it is important to incorporate hands on learning for all subjects. Reasons why…

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Real world applications
  3. Gaining new interest
  4. Establish the foundations of teamwork
  5. Encourage “thinking outside the box”
  6. Providing a sense of accomplishment that students can visually see
  7. Retainment of information

Lets get the students involved in hands on learning!

Investigating nature closeup

A young boy, in about first grade, looks closely at a caterpillar on the leaf of a milkweed plant with a school in the background


One thought on “Progressivism: Learning by Doing! By: Ashley Conde

  1. karenebender says:

    Love the team work and beyond remembrance points you made! I really believe that if team work was focused more from K on that there would be less social issues. For example, I believe team work training and application would decrease the current big issue with bullying in our schools. Thanks for you blog post!


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