World of Intelligence By: Ashley Conde

Dr. Lori Levin had a coffee talk discussing Multiple Intelligence and how it effects the classroom. Some key points that I took from her discussion were the importance for teachers to identify what intelligence students in their classroom learn by and how to incorporate it into daily classroom learning activities.

Listening the the teacher talk all day long is no longer an effective way of teaching.

If you as a teacher need help jump starting your brain to provide different ways of instruction here are a few ideas…

  • Incorporate technology
  • Let students use there body, such as a skit or dance, to physically stimulate their minds
  • Create Visuals (anchor charts/diagrams)
  • Create Art Pieces
  • Encourage group work
  • Use manipulatives when doing math
  • Go on field trips

These are just a few ideas. Lets reach all of our students!






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