Guess Who? (Autobiographical Narratives)

By Alyssa Dees

I am an extrovert by nature. Spending time with people fuels me. I love to get to know people. And I especially love to play the “it’s a small world after all” game. When I meet new people, I love to find our common ground. I have met people all over, and found some interesting things we have in common – they got snowed in once in Goodland, I went to college with their sister, we both grew up going to the same church camp, their little brother used to wrestle my little brother.

Getting to know people’s stories helps me find ways we can connect. Hearing their unique stories also helps me understand our differences. And from knowing each other’s autobiographical narratives, we learn to see each other as a compilation of similarity and differences.


I think a fun way to get to know that autobiographical narratives of my students would be to play a life-sized version of Guess Who?  Students could make frames like the ones above. Then photograph students in their frames and make playing cards.  Then one student can draw one of the photos from the pile.  This student is “it.” Another student is the “guesser.” The students stand at their desks in rows. The guesser asks questions about the person that “it” is holding. If the students in their desks match the question, they stay standing. All the others sit. As they go along, the field of students standing will be fewer and fewer until only the one that “it” has drawn is standing!


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